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Fuel Card Management - Sales Ledger

The sales ledger with Fuelsoft's fuel card management software offers a very high level of control over the debtors balances and uniquely values un-invoiced fuel card drawings as part of the overall exposure on the account.

The date based sales ledger provides you the flexibility to process orders and post cash in multiple periods at the same time. This eliminates the bottleneck that some companies experience at the month end. All the sales ledger reports, debtors reports, statements and history reports can be run back to a specific date and will report the information at that point in time.

A comprehensive BACS facility allows you to collect funds on a rolling day, fixed monthly or twice fixed monthly basis. The BACS facility interfaces into a number of 3rd party BACS applications for transmission of the file. This modern sales ledger has been specifically tuned to the demands of the card industry and is fully integrated into the drawings file and financials.

The key features:

• Powerful search criteria – partial name, address ,telephone numbers
• Quick address integration
• Cost centre invoicing
• Multiple contacts per account
• Multiple analysis codes per account
• Multiple telephone and e-mail addresses per account
• E-mail invoices
• E-mail copy invoices
• E-mail statements
• Date based ledgers
• Reports can be run back to a date
• History statement reconstructs the ledger and ledger balances
• Variable direct debits
• Flexible terms including multiple fixed days in the months
• Integrated BACS extract
• Interface into Albany AllBACS
• Interface into Bottomline Technologies
• Different payment terms for drawings cards and other products groups
• Batch update to the ledger
• Action notes with reporting and interface into Outlook
• Full drill down on the ledger
• PDF of invoice viewable in sale ledger enquiry
• Cash reversals that un-match the original invoice
• Reminder letters
• Credit and credit card integration for one off payments
• Debtors report
• Turnover, analysis and reps reporting
• Exposure reporting including un-invoiced drawings

John Ford, Managing Director, Ford Fuels
We find we are able to drive the Fuelsoft application along - getting improvements as and when needed so our business continues to grow.
> £6 Billion
combined turnover reliant on Fuelsoft
> 38 Years
of fuel distribution experience
> 16.4 Million Litres
of fuel administered by Fuelsoft every 24 hours
> 600,000 Fuel Cards
in circulation around the world
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