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Fuel Distribution - Sales Order Processing

The Fuelsoft sales order processing software allows the entry of quotations and prospective customers, with full integration into Post Code look-up software to help enter the precise address detail and the ability to convert prospects to customers and quotations to sales orders.

The entry of an order has been designed to include the absolute minimum number of key presses, so that on a busy winter's day it takes only seconds to enter an order and print a ticket.

The method of pricing can be set up per company and can include load premiums, surcharges for credit cards, run outs, waiting time, difficult deliveries, late payers, etc. Tight controls can be put in place for holding orders that have exceeded pre-defined rules for credit limits or payment terms.

If your customers are paying for their order by credit card, then online authorisation and ringfencing of funds is available while entering an order, with the collection of the funds after confirmation to insure the exact funds are taken. The routines to collect the funds automatically match the customer's invoices on the ledger against the payment.

The key features:

• Quotations
• Convert quotations to orders
• Set up prospects
• Convert prospect to customer
• Set up customers
• TAPI interface for screen popping the address
• Quick Address interface for identifying the address by post code
• Priced Orders
• Un-priced orders with credit control based on cost
• Load premiums
• Bulk and lubricants
• Replacement cost and FIFO cost used for margins
• Stock levels displayed for lubricants
• Customer tank details displayed
• Historical sales and margins visible
• Profit per order visible
• Check for duplicate order
• Invoice pence per litre surcharge/discount facility
• Credit, debit and purchase card authorisation and ring fencing of funds
• Facility to charge more for different credit cards
• Option not to charge for credit cards
• User definable margin add on to cost – customer and order specific
• A margin add-on/deduction could typically include payment method, late payer, 4 wheeler or baby tanker requirement, difficulty of delivery, run out
• User definable fixed amount add on/deductions to cost are dissolved in the pence per litre price. A fixed amount add on/deduction could typically include waiting time at a delivery address
• User defined held facility for orders that exceed credit, payment terms etc

Stephen Anderson, Managing Director, OilFast.
Every aspect of our business is handled using Fuelsoft's applications.
> £6 Billion
combined turnover reliant on Fuelsoft
> 38 Years
of fuel distribution experience
> 16.4 Million Litres
of fuel administered by Fuelsoft every 24 hours
> 600,000 Fuel Cards
in circulation around the world
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