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Fuel Distribution - Automatic Routing

Fuelsoft has developed a seamless interface into market leading Routing and Scheduling software vendors.

Due to the high level of integration between the software packages the need to have cumbersome downloads of data between the two systems has been entirely eliminated. As soon as the orders have been routed they are clearly visible to users of the Fuelsoft scheduling enquiry screens. The benefits of using such an integrated system means that the final schedules do not need to be created until much later in the day with 100-200 orders being able to be routed and scheduled in as little as 15 minutes. However, most users of the software start the scheduling much earlier in the day, constantly checking the loads against the transport capacity for a specific day, so that the sales department can be advised whether they need to inform customers of longer lead times.

We currently have a number of customers, who are benefiting from the routing and scheduling software in conjunction with Fuelsoft. These include: Oil NRG, Tinknells Fuels, WP Group and ATF.

Ian Richards, Managing Director, AID Fuel Oils Ltd
Having used Fuelsoft software since 1994, we've a very good working relationship with them.
> £6 Billion
combined turnover reliant on Fuelsoft
> 38 Years
of fuel distribution experience
> 16.4 Million Litres
of fuel administered by Fuelsoft every 24 hours
> 600,000 Fuel Cards
in circulation around the world
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